The Cloud for Development and Operations

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    Quickly build applications. Focus on coding not on configuration.

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    Expanding your capabilities

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    Secure and compliant Healthcare solutions

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Build, deploy and orchestrate your apps in the cloud. PaaS+ simplifies the way of software development and management and helps to concentrate on the business.

Quickly build applications

Develop your applications without the complexity of managing servers. Use the language of your choice. Focus on coding not on configuration.

Fast Deployment and Continuous Integration

Deploy your applications simply with GIT PUSH. Choose between binary deployment of your artifacts or deploy your source code and build directly in the Cloud. Deliver your applications continuously with the integrated Continuous Integration Support.

Auto Scaling and Application Lifecycle Management

Scale your application as needed automatically. Monitor your application with the management cockpit.

Modular OSGi Enterprise APIs

An additional plus are the sophisticated OSGi Enterprise APIs. Beyond that, myriads of existing Karaf features are at your disposal. PaaS+ provides additional OSGi Services you can use to speed up your application development.

Polyglot data stores

Connect to SQL and NoSQL data stores and even use polyglot Data Storage and ElasticSearch for advanced querying.

Faster Time-to-Market

Accellerate your business and save time with the PaaS+ advanced technology stack.