PaaS+ provides advanced Enterprise API's that allow to speed up developing applications by providing common functionalities as ready to use building blocks.

Catalog and Terminology

The catalog service provides standard functionality for managing catalogs and terminologies. Catalogs can be added via an extension mechanism. There is also support for custom catalogs with generic string properties.

User and Organization Management

The User and Organization Management service provides user management via an IDM system. This allows to synchronize user date to and from external sources like LDAP and Active Directory.


The preference service allows managing hierarchical user or system based properties and configurations. These can range from general user to system settings to preferences for specific bundles.

Object Mapping Service

The Object Mapping Service allows mapping entity objects to business objects for using with the DTO design pattern.


The Persistence Service is a wrapper around standard JPA functionality for easier persistence integration. It encapsulates all direct JPA and Entity Manager interactions. It provides an abstraction layer for a simplified use of different database technologies. Advanced enterprise functionalities are included on top of standard JPA functionality.


The security service is based on the established Apache Shiro framework. It allows easy integration of authentication and authorization into an application.


Service for integrating encryption into enterprise applications. The encryption service provides functions to encrypt and decrypt data, using different encryption algorithms. It supports key generation and management. External key management providers can be used via the KMIP standard.

Indexing and Query

The Indexing and Query services adds advanced search engine support to enterprise applications. This allows easy integration of the Elasticsearch engine into an application. The indexing process integrates seamless into business or persistence layer with specific annotations. Data from different sources can be indexed and searched.

Business Process Engine

This Service integrates a Business Process Management (BPM) Engine. The engine is fully BPMN 2.0 compliant and allows easy integration of custom extensions via OSGi bundles. It allows customization of complex business processes. Several Management services are available to handle process definitions, process execution and task management.


The Reporting service allows the creation of reports and documents from any application data. It is possible to use report templates or create dynamic table based reports. Export into different formats like pdf, xml, html or csv is supported.

Core UI Framework

The core UI Framework provides a standard application frame and functionality that allows quick implementations for new web applications.

UI Security Module

The security module adds authentication support via the Shiro API to the UI framework