The PaaS+ Healthcare API's and UI components provide a framework for building eHealth applications. The APIs are provided as OSGi services for managing a HL7 FHIR based data model and are separated into different bundles which allows using only the modules needed.

Document Management Service

This service handles FHIR Documents represented as DocumentManifestResources. It allows to create, load and save DocumentManifests and binary attachements.

Fast Deployment and Continuous Integration

For each FHIR domain a special set of bundles is available that provides OSGi services for handling additional business logic. Each subdomain is represented by a separate OSGi Service inside the FHIR domain bundles. These services provide methods for specific queries and business logic for certain resources. These include: - Administrative Services - Clinical Services - Infrastructure Services

Clinical Report Service

The clinical report services helps in building FHIR compositions that can be used for creating structured clinical documents for reporting and export. It allows to create a composition for specific patients with author and document metadata information.

FHIR Core Services

The FHIR core services are the base of the Ehealth API and includes: - Complete FHIR resource datamodel - FHIRService to load, store and delete FHIR resources - FHIRQueryService to search for FHIR resources - FHIR persistence bundle for storage in MongoDb databases

Data Exchange Service

This service allows importing of FHIR resources from a FHIR composition document. It imports selected data from the composition into the persistence store.

UI Components

The Healthcare UI Components are a set of OSGi bundles providing special components to display HL7 FHIR data. They are standard UI components for display and interaction with the FHIR resource data model. The components are general use components that can be extended or adopted to the specific use. They are intended to speed up clinical UI development.

FHIR REST Services

The FHIR REST services allows running a FHIR conforming REST server that supports the following operations: Create, Update, Read, Delete, SearchAll.

IHE Integration Engine

This service provides an integration and routing engine available with support for HL7 v2, v3, CDA and IHE Transactions.