PaaS+ is a next generation PaaS platform that combines classic PaaS features like easy provisioning, deployment and scaling with advanced support for building modular cloud applications. PaaS+ is the first PaaS solution with build-in OSGi support.

Polyglot data stores

Connect to SQL and NoSQL data stores and even use polyglot data storage and elasticsearch for advanced querying.

Fast Deployment and Continuous Integration

Deploy your applications with GIT PUSH simply. Choose between binary deployment of your artifacts or deploy your source code and build directly in the cloud. Deliver your applications continuously with the integrated Jenkins continuous integration support.

Auto Scaling and Application Lifecycle Management

Scale your application as needed automatically. Monitor your application with the management cockpit.

Quickly build applications in popular languages

Develop your applications without the complexity of managing servers. Use the language of your choice. Focus on coding not on configuration.

Dedicated nodes

Choose from different templates to create dedicated nodes for your needs. Partition and manage the nodes via PaaS+. Quickly deploy frameworks and applications on your dedicated nodes. This frees you from the complex and time consuming tasks of managing and maintaining your virtual machines manually.

OSGi Deployment

PaaS+ has a fully integrated OSGi runtime Cloudyle Karaf based on Apache Karaf. It allows direct deployment and building of OSGi bundles. In a few moments, you can setup an Cloudyle Karaf runtime, add database capabilities and take your bundles to the cloud.