PaaS+ offers a variety of features to accelerate developing and operating enterprise and mobile cloud applications.


In 21st century world, requirements are changing fast and constantly. Therefore, you need to react quickly to stay competitive. It has to be possible to immediately add new features to your applications, or remove features that are not working out. It is furthermore necessary to be able to refactor your application to match your market needs. Applications built on PaaS+ increase your agility, because the PaaS+ Enterprise API's use a modular approach and integrate typical standard functions. Be it that you need to add functionality or change underlying functions, PaaS+ allows you to do so without having to understand and refactor the entire monolith of the application. Application deployment is flexible to a maximum. Just deploy what you need when you need it.

Faster Time-to-Market

Time to market is heavily reduced using PaaS+. You spend less time thinking about maintaining your infrastructure and you can easily add scaling and enterprise features to your application. This leaves much more time to think about how all the components will work together. With the modular approach, you are not spending time building up a huge monolith. Instead, you tailor your application exactly to market needs and adopt easily to different requirements. You can quickly prototype a backend, ensure that it works, attach a modern UI frontend, and get your application up and running very quickly.

Scalability and Elasticity

Scalability is often difficult to add to an application and hard to configure and maintain. With PaaS+, scalability is part of the platform. If you follow simple design guidelines and a stateless application approach such as the REST paradigm, the application will automatically scale with your requirements on PaaS+. Even more, the platform gives you not only scalability, but elasticity. This means that your application can dynamically react to load situations, scale up when needed and later scale down again. This helps you developing highly performant applications while reducing the costs of your application's deployment.


PaaS+ is the first PaaS that explicitly supports a modular development approach based on OSGi. Developing OSGi applications is easy with PaaS+. You can quickly create a PaaS+ OSGi application backed by the lightweight Cloudyle Karaf Enterprise OSGi runtime. With Cloudyle Karaf, you can use plenty of existing OSGi bundles and features providing comprehensive enterprise functions. Modularity helps you in developing and maintaining your application. Different developers can work on different modules without interfering. As modules are well encapsulated, you can better track down bugs and replace parts of the application without changing everything or having to face big deployments. Your costs for testing the application are heavily reduced, as you can test your modules independently. If one module is changed, you can test this module and the dependent parts while leaving unrelated parts alone.